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Shakura Pigmentation Beauty Sdn Bhd

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JJ2014-01-07 19:35:45
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I want to share what experience I have with Shakura Pigmentation Beauty @Subang Parade salon. They said they are the BEST treatment specialist of all but in the end it turn out only a bunch of self-claim "professional" who is trying hard to sell their package to you. They have no business ethics and will keep on using scary tactics by show you a bunch of picture to scare you until you buy any package from them.

After treatment with them, my face got red marks which I when to other beauty salon never happen. After all this, I went online to do research and realize I am not the first person who had my face destroy by them. I went and I confront them and they attitude was damm arrogant. Though the lady tries to talk in a calm and nice tone but in the end turn out they asked their company management people to contact me to solve the problem. After we have discuses till an agreement by refunds the payment for the package I have bought and they want me to wait for 3 months.

After I waited 3 months later, they have not call at all and wanted me to keep calling and ask when the payment will be ready, but after few days they finally call back but it turn out to be not what we have in the agreement before. The worst the person contact me said she not the one who agree with me with the term and she wanted me to wait another two week for NEW feedback. How long do I really need to wait this time?
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